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    Pregnancy Support Full Body Pillow

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    Is Body Pain Making It Difficult For You To Sleep?
    Relieve the pressure on your back and legs with this U-shaped pillow.

    Our pillow is long enough to support your entire body, allowing you to fully stretch out and be completely comfortable. It is specially designed to provide support for both you and your baby. This pillow can also be used during pregnancy, and after the birth of your baby while nursing or breastfeeding.

    Our super comfortable body pillow can be used by people that sleep on their backs, sides, and stomach, and helps you find a comfortable position not only when sleeping but also when relaxing, reading, or watching TV.

    The Full Body Pain Relief Pillow can also be used to rest your feet to alleviate swelling and numbness in your legs and feet, giving you 360° support head to toe.

    Why do pregnant women need this?

    1. The cotton surface is not cool and comfortable enough in the hot summer.
    2. Always feel pain when resting during pregnancy.
    3. Our U-shaped pregnancy pillow provides perfect comfort and support for your abdomen, hips, legs and back. Enjoy superior comfort when they sleep or even just hang out.
    4. For a better user experience, we upgrade the material from ordinary cotton cloth to ice silk to ensure that the contact area remains cool after long-term use.


    100% brand new high quality
    U-shaped pregnancy pillow
    Bring you the coolest leisure time
    Help you through pregnancy and make your pregnancy more comfortable


    1. Multi-purpose use
    2. The right size
    3. It fits most people who are pregnant

    Product information

    Name: Pregnancy Support Full Body Pillow
    Pillow fabric: pure cotton
    Filling: polyester fiber
    Filler composition and content: 100% polyester fiber
    size: 130x70cm

    Packing list

    U-shaped pregnancy pillow*1


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Candida Botsford

    The pillow is great, I'm sorry I ordered it very late, I ordered it at the end of 8 months of pregnancy, it came in 2 weeks, I just slept on it for 2 weeks, very comfortable, just like I slept without her before🤷‍♀️😅, And gave birth, I thought not to rate, but, she is so comfortable, it is very convenient to feed, my husband is sitting on the floor, he also likes it, is very comfortable and soft, the recosendo, nice product)) thanks to the seller, I dropped it quickly, it was very neat and I did not believe that it came to me so small, and then I opened it and nuts)) class, I recommend

    Tyra Mills

    The pillow came very quickly. It comes folded, included with the chosen pillowcase, it is easy to dress and can be washed. I was afraid that the pillow would be poorly filled, but it is quite well stuffed and at any time you can add more filler (all with zippers). Recommend for purchase

    Carrie Rodriguez

    The cotton is more bread than I thought. Cover softness. I have an idea to order one more.