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    Triple Layer Mini Egg Cooker

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    Our egg steamer is a kind of electric egg boiler, with a triple-layer design, and adopting stainless steel heating plate, 21 eggs could be steamed quickly in one time. It is time to make your dream breakfast meal, for every meal. Make perfectly fluffy eggs each and every time you want.


    • FRESH EGGS: No need to wait for your hard-boiled eggs to cool to move them after cooking. With the tray lifting tool, you can have your brunch with hot, freshly cooked eggs. Whether you like your eggs hard or soft boiled, scrambled, omelet or poached, breakfast has never been easier!
    • TRIPLE LAYER DESIGN: It can steam 21 eggs at one time, the egg holder racks can be taken down freely, then you could choose to use a single-layer or double-layer steaming rack to meet your need, very convenient.

    • COMPACT & EASY TO CLEAN - No more fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes thanks to this versatile, convenient egg cooker. The compact size is perfect for any kitchen, college dorms, travel, and more!
    • NOT JUST FOR EGGS: Not only can you steam eggs to hard-boiled perfection or create tender poached eggs, but you can also steam a variety of vegetables, making this an even more versatile kitchen tool for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time.

    • ANTI-DRY PROTECTION: Comes with anti-dry protection. It keeps the actual taste of eggs and food.

    SAVE YOUR TIME: This Egg Boiler takes only 10 minutes to cook the eggs. Easy To Use with on / Off Button, Smoking Eggs Can Keep Its Delicacy and Nutrition. Make Your Eating Becomes Healthier.

    Package Included:
    1 x Triple-layer Egg Steamer

    Tripple Layer Mini Egg Cooker Tripple Layer Mini Egg Cooker Tripple Layer Mini Egg Cooker Tripple Layer Mini Egg Cooker Tripple Layer Mini Egg Cooker Tripple Layer Mini Egg Cooker

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Lucy Vandervort

    Everything works, there is no metal needle in the measuring glass from the minuses-piercing the plastic is very difficult, and the measuring cup itself is not marked for the quantity and degree of cooking-but just an indication of ML

    Garret Witting

    The goods are good.

    Trisha Mohr

    arrived broken!!!! and the box was crashed like opened before!!!!!

    Grayce Mills

    The goods came in, though the box did not survive. The working surface of the stainless steel egg cooker, which is undoubtedly pleasing. Measuring Cup measures 10, 20, 30 ml. It is not very clear how to regulate the degree of readiness of eggs, the old egg cooker on the measuring cup had gradations in steep, in a bag and soft-boiled. Very convenient. The device works well, it turns off automatically at the end of cooking, but if there was a sound signal, it would be perfect! Then you still need to turn off the power key.

    Eliane Kemmer

    The item arrived very late and on top of that the cover was broken